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SPECS  an incredibly stunning hotel property offering a casino, over 40 dining options including celebrity chef restaurants and a food hall, an art and science museum, a high-end shopping mall, several nightlife options including Avalon (2 story club that floats on the bay), 2 theaters for concerts and broadway shows, and a spectacular Skypark (contains a rooftop infinity pool, restaurant, bar, and club)
GOOD FOR  nightlife – gaming – theatre – shopping – skyline view – trendy scene – dancing/partying
DANCING OR CONVERSATION  Club Avalon, Pangea and Ku De Tah club offer dancing while Ku De Tah on the observation deck side offers conversation and specialty cocktails
CROWD  nightlife outposts host trendy hip crowds – av age 25-45 – the rest of the property is a true mix
HIGHLIGHTS  The Skypark, (Ku De Tah, observation deck, pool and park area) – The Shopping Centre – Club Pangea and Avalon
ENTRY Skypark: observation deck is ticketed but the bar/restaurant Ku De Tah offers the same view with free admission and no hassle at the door – unfortunately the Skypark pool area is restricted to hotel guest use – each room card provides entry for 2 guests – Casino: passport provides free entry for all tourists – Singaporeans must pay a 100 dollar entry fee – Clubs: Pangea, Avalon, and Ku De Tah (club) have a fairly lax door policy – nightclubs have a cover charge depending on the night – smart dress is encouraged
LOCATION 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 – MAP – WEBSITE

The Marina Bay Sands facility is a true engineering masterpiece. This world-renowned property has single-handedly put Singapore on the map for gaming, theatre, nightlife, and high-end restaurants. The property has 2,561 rooms and spans across 10 million square feet. It is the worlds most expensive hotel costing $8 billion to build (including  property cost). This venue is an absolute must see in Singapore. It offers a very large variety of activity, some of which is done superbly while others can be avoided. Here is your official E List Marina Bay Sands property tour:

Skypark: The Skypark is by far the biggest draw to this property, and it does not disappoint. Elevators launch you to the 57th floor at dizzying speeds. Upon arrival, you are immediately flushed with the elated feeling of being on the top of the world. The roof  feels incredibly open and airy. Scattered palm trees and greenery provide a lush urban oasis and wooden planked floors give the impression of a boardwalk. From just about every point there is a spectacular view of the city. You are free to roam around the Skypark and enjoy the 360 degree view.

The Skypark hosts the Ku De Tah restaurant, bar and club. The food at the restaurant is very expensive and mediocre at best, so your best play here is the bar. The bar has a beautiful red glow to it and a classy but relaxed feel. Most patrons are staring at the view in wonderment while Tony Bennet style jazz is playing in the background. The bar offers a decent specialty cocktail selection, wines by the glass and a few beers.

Most tourists get caught into the trap of the observation deck. For a family with kids the observation deck is the right option, otherwise skip the queue and the 20 dollar ticket and head right up to the Ku De Tah bar to enjoy the views. The other side of the Skypark offers the Ku De Tah club and the pool area. The club is open to the public and provides the same amazing views, but if you are looking to party skip this venue and head down to Avalon or Pangea. The pool area is restricted to hotel guests and hosts one of the most impressive pools in the world. So is it worth it to stay at the hotel just to experience the infinity pool…

Shopping mall and casino: Once you have soaked in the glorious views of the Skypark, come back down to earth and check out the shopping centre. The shopping centre is located across the street from the hotel in giant futuristic bubble like structures. Singapore is king of the modern high-end malls, but this one really seems to be over the top.  

The shoppes host an array of high-end retail and it is where you will find the majority of the restaurants and a large food court. The shoppes are also home to a full size theatre, an ice skating rink, and Sampan rides on the canal. Yup, there is a canal that runs through the lower level and a Sampan boat ride is a great way to relax after a serious shopping spree. The architecture and general environment of the mall is truly impressive and its star retail space is the Louis Vuitton store.

The LV store is an impressive stand alone 2 story island of glass and steel. It is the only LV store in the world on water and hosts a contemporary art gallery between mens and women’s fashion. The store is also accessible through a bridge on the outside of the mall and a free boat ride that leaves from a nearby jetty.

The casino at Marina Bay Sands has been unbelievable successful since opening. With only one other casino in Singapore, the small city country has grossed more than all of Las Vegas coming in second only to Macao, China. The casino provides more of the same glitzy modern architecture and matches the extravagance high rollers would expect. Even with Singapore’s strict culture this casino flourishes, but it feels slightly cookie cutter. You can have the same experience in Las Vegas. If gambling is your thing then you will very much enjoy this casino, otherwise spend more time exploring other parts of the hotel.

Restaurants and Nightlife: The Marina Bay Sands boasts many celebrity chef restaurants. As a general rule of thumb, western fare in Asia is very weak, and these restaurants are no different. DB Bistro and Cut by Wolfgang Puck feel watered down and while the service is on par, the food is not. Osteria Mozza was the best of the bunch. Even so, if you are going for dinner, stick to the Asian fare or a restaurant with a view. The food court is a quality quick option for hungry shoppers.

With such a large amount of everything in this complex, the nightlife options are slightly limited. For cocktails and a stunning view there is the Ku De Tah bar on the Skypark. For late night dancing and bottle service there are 3 options: Avalon, Pangea, and Club Ku De Tah. Club Ku De Tah offered the same beautiful Skypark views but for those who want to party skip it. Avalon and Pangea share the same 2 story structure floating in the bay. Both offering a cutting edge club experience with big name DJ’s from around the world and posh surroundings.

Every night the Marina Bay Sands puts on a light and music show that can be seen from anywhere around the bay

To Singaporeans this is more than a nightlife destination. The Marina Bay Sands is a symbol of the direction this country is headed. Some argue the casino brings more harm to the community than good… but no one can argue this property is a massive statement of money and growth and it screams Singapore is fun! It is part of the means to redefine the image of the entire country, and it is truly an impressive, must see property.